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Lipstick on a pig - Brush With the Law [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lipstick on a pig [Sep. 10th, 2008|10:39 am]
I think he meant to say it exactly like that. And I think it was exactly awesome.

Barack, here's my advice -- if they ask you if it was a misstep, you say "no." It was exactly what you meant to say. Sarah Palin, a smart woman, has allowed herself to become GOP Barbie. Adorable quips about lipstick and hockey mom and PTA, a smile, a wave, and then silence. Skirts and only skirts, shoot moose, Miss Congeniality Alaska. That's what the GOP has made her, and she's let them do it.

Now people are trying to defend you by saying this was "inartful," or a "mistake." Bullshit. I certainly hope you knew exactly what you were saying -- because I think it was perfect and perfectly accurate. Two weeks ago, John McCain couldn't attract attention standing on his head spitting wooden nickels. He has, quite literally, put lipstick on a pig. Or a pitbull. Actually, someone help me here -- is she a pitbull or a hockey mom? I really didn't get that joke. Whatever.

The point is, the Alabaster Musketeers of the GOP are already effing this up by using it as an opportunity to rise to the chivalrous defense of Sarah "Barracuda" Palin -- because Obama's comment lays completely bare what I've suspected from the beginning, and they know it. Sarah Palin isn't the pig, she's the lipstick. Literally and figuratively. By her own assent.

Governor Sarah Palin was someone I admired -- tough, smart, funny, and capable. She had all kinds of wacky ideas, but didn't seem interested in in actually implementing them. She was courageously pro-life enough to keep her disabled baby, but not so pro-life that she fought for health insurance for children or subsidized childcare for working mothers. Candidate Sarah Palin is the GOP Spokesmodel, hair and makeup always perfect, always smartly attired in a skirt (never pants), delivering her eight or ten memorized lines with a practiced cadence and a grin, and letting her Grandpa running mate's handlers tell the press that she would talk to them when they were ready to sit cross-legged like good children and select their questions from the list they were provided. I can only wonder what Governor Palin would think of Candidate Palin. Not much, I suspect.